As everyone knows, today is the biggest holiday after Christmas yes, it is Thanksgiving! As everyone knows, today is the 85 episode of the 3 hour premiere of the Macy’s Thanksgiving parade at 9:00 am. So that means as I write this blog, I am watching the fascinating parade with special guest of Cel Lo Green, Mary J. Bela, Cobra Starship, The cast of Sesame Street, The cast of the Muppets(wich is out  right now), Dora, and so on. But this blog is about what i am having for Thanksgiving here in D.C. So here it is,:

  1.  turkey with stuffing of course
  2. home-made bread
  3. home-made cookies,cupcakes, and muffins
  4. potatoes
  5. fried chicken
  6. ciniman rolls
  7. love from my family

And I can’t ask for anything else but love for my family and the food my mother and I are making. Thanks for reading and i hope you have a great great great and loving Thanksgiving.

Here is a preview of the ballons at Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade:

 Till next time, take America.

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  1. Ms. Hassell says:

    I LOVE the thoughtfulness of this post Samson! Its always good to spend quality time and appreciate your family. Especialy with FOOD! 🙂

    Also, I wonder what types of technology are used to create the Macy’s day parade balloons and floats? Hmmm, sounds like a great extra credit project….

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