What is the movie of the year(so far) that everyone should have seen? Well, of course it was “The Rise of The Planet of the Apps,” and it was…………….awsome. Talk about the best motion picture movie that I had ever seen. That was incredible. I don’t think that you will ever seen a better movie than this that includes a monkey(if you don’t include Hangover Part 2, yes that was also awesome but that’s a different story/blog).

Well, I wish I can tell you about this movie but let’s be honest, who do I look like a person who tells the world about a movie that a lot of people haven’t seen? No, I kinda look like a BLOGER with 66 hits. Yes, 66 hits and 9 followers. And i f you didn’t watch the movie, take a look of the trailer here! BY THE WAY, I THINK YOU SHOULD BUY THE DVD WHEN IT COMES OUT.

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  1. knormanblog says:

    omg i love that movie but i did not see the new one

  2. samsontghide says:

    there was no new one, just the original one and the only one so far.

  3. Ms. Hassell says:

    YES!!! This movie was FANTASTIC!!! And even though the main character was an ape, the film portrays the humane side of all animals and makes you want to root from them, despite our obvious differences. You will leave the theator with an ultimate sense of victory and freedom! And actullay, The Planet of the Apes is quite an old film, this is one of the remakes. It was also a famous TV serious. Check out the history: http://www.imdb.com/find?s=all&q=Planet+of+the+Apes

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